KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o., Šentjernejska c. 6, 8000 Novo mesto
tel.: 07 39 31 800, fax.: 07 39 31 840

KZ Krka

About Kmetijska zadruga Krka

Kmetijska zadruga Krka is the biggest Slovenian supplier of integrated produced vegetables with trademark “integrated”. We have 16 growers of fresh vegetables and fruits form Dolenjska and Bela krajina and they are also in the quality scheme integrated.

Our members' task in the supply chain is to provide regular supply of highly qualitative vegetables and fruits which are in the accordance with requirements of integrated production. The role of KZ Krka is connecting producers of highly qualitative vegetables and fruits and educating their members. Also an important role is helping their members to market themselves with the common appearance on the market and informing target markets about advantages of integrated produced vegetables and fruits.

Kmetijska zadruga Krka z.o.o.
Šentjernejska cesta 6
8000 Novo mesto
Tel.: 07 39 31 800
Fax.: 07 39 31 840


In 1945 a group of farmers established the cooperative: Nabavno prodajna zadruga Novo mesto. In the year 1964 agriculture cooperative got the name Kmetijska zadruga Krka (KZ Krka) and until then neighbouring villages, towns and Agricultural estate Novo mesto joined to the cooperative. After 1946 also Meat food manufacturing company Novo mesto and TOZD Hmeljnik from DO Pivovarna Union joined KZ Krka. In October 2002 agriculture cooperative Črnomelj also merge with KZ Krka. KZ Krka is from 1992 organized in accordance with the Act on cooperatives and has 300 members.


We are a reliable and economical partner in agriculture. We provide qualitative and comprehensive offer. Our personal approach is professional and friendly.


We want to become the best partner of the countryside and a recognizable retailer.

Our position is in the area Dolenjska but we work also wider. We are the biggest producer of vegetable and milk in Slovenia. As well we organize agricultural production of meet. We redeem approximately 3000 tons of integrated vegetables and fruits which represents one third of vegetable redemption in Slovenia. We want that our producers are satisfied, therefore we fulfil the mission of the cooperative policy with established organizational model of redeem and sales of vegetable. All farmers from which we redeem vegetables and fruits have certificates for integrated produced food.

KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o.

Šentjernejska c. 6
8000 Novo mesto

tel.: 07 39 31 800
fax.: 07 39 31 840