KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o., Šentjernejska c. 6, 8000 Novo mesto
tel.: 07 39 31 800, fax.: 07 39 31 840


Contact for more information:

PC PREDELAVA (meat processing)
Ragovo 7, Novo mesto
T: 07 39 31 878, 031 703 501

PC KLAVNICA (slaughterhouse)
Majer, Črnomelj
T: 07 30 62 540, 031 703 508

Butchery consists of two units which deal with meat processing, sale of fresh meat and meat products under the brand “Dobrote s Kmetije”.


  • manufacture of meat products (semi-durable, boiled, smoked and dried products, canned meat and raw meat products),
  • confectioning of fresh meat (cattle, calves, pigs, lamb, piglets),
  • sale of meat and meat products.

All meat products are from qualitative, home reared meat, according to old recipes of our grandmothers and grandfathers. We represent our meat products under the brand “Dobrote s kmetije”. Our slogan “Local is the best” indicates that our products are the best what is also confirmed by many awards.

We ensure our buyers only qualitative meat from local farmers at affordable prices!



Our slaughterhouse for butchering cattle, hoofed animals, piglets, sheep and goats enables us to get every week a fresh meet from our farms. Annually we butcher approximately 3000–4000 cattle which are rear in region Dolenjska and Bela krajina. We usually butcher cattle three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but we can agree also for special butchering.

KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o.

Šentjernejska c. 6
8000 Novo mesto

tel.: 07 39 31 800
fax.: 07 39 31 840