KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o., Ċ entjernejska c. 6, 8000 Novo mesto
tel.: 07 39 31 800, fax.: 07 39 31 840


The primary activity is wholesale trade with technical products. Annually we are expanding the scope of activates and sales assortment. From once a local retailer in region Dolenjska we expand with the development of logistic capacities in a nation-wide wholesaler. Our offer is mainly based on comprehensive care for reprographic customers, responsiveness, and adaptability for the needs of our partners and at competitive prices.

We dedicate particular attention to the quality of the offer and therefore we classify only carefully selected Slovenian and foreign brands that ensure lasting satisfaction. We enable our partners to purchase from our central warehouse in Novo mesto or through transit supplies.

KZ Krka

KZ Krka z.o.o.

Ċ entjernejska c. 6
8000 Novo mesto

tel.: 07 39 31 800
fax.: 07 39 31 840